Thursday, February 2, 2012

RSA Conference 2012 - Data Breaches and Web Servers: The Giant Sucking Sound

I'm scheduled to present "Data Breaches and Web Servers: The Giant Sucking Sound" at RSA Conference 2012 - session DAS-204 on Wednesday, February 29.
From the abstract:
An analysis of recent data breach events shows a large number of events occur via web servers. Barracuda, Epsilon, Citigroup, eHarmony, Sony and the State of Texas are just a few of the names in the news as a result of web data exposures. Web servers in the cloud only complicate the situation. This presentation will examine technologies and practices you can apply to help keep your name off this list.
Since I submitted the abstract several months ago, there have been several additional major breaches of web servers including StratforZappos and Care2, so the giant sucking continues.

Hope to meet you at the RSA Conference!


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